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What is emotional wellness?

Emotional wellness is a continuum – just like physical wellness. Sometimes you’re very healthy; sometimes you’re less healthy. For youth, emotional wellness includes the ability to cope with emotions and handle stress. Poor emotional wellness can put youth at risk for more serious mental health concerns.

How will my youth benefit from screening?

You may wonder whether your child’s emotional struggles are typical or something more serious. Wellness Screen helps you figure that out. It gives you a chance to help your child before emotional needs become severe or, for some, life-threatening.

Why offer screening in schools?

Just like vision and hearing, emotional wellness is a major factor in your youth’s academic success and quality of life. It is offered within the school systems to allow for convenience and drive the mission of reducing mental health stigma, and reduce barriers to accessing mental health supports. The screening program is completely confidential from the school, and offered within several school districts within our tri-county area.

How will I as a parent be involved?

You must provide consent for your child to be screened. Your child also assents to the screening process, as this is a voluntary screening opportunity. If your child’s screening indicates that they may have an emotional wellness need, a Wellness Screen staff member will contact you. If all is well, you will not hear from Wellness Screen. You may contact Wellness Screen staff at any time with questions, at Samaritan, Menasha office 920-886-9319 ext. 109. Note: Connected Community Wellness Screen makes no diagnoses or specific treatment recommendations. We inform parents about possible needs and connect youth with professionals who can provide a more thorough assessment.