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Anxiety S.O.S.

Anxiety S.O.S.

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A 4-week education and support group for managing anxiety

 Are panic, anxiety and stress making it difficult to be your “best self?” Could you benefit from proven tools and strategies to make anxiety more manageable? Did you know that anxiety is a very treatable condition? 

Join us for this bi-weekly support group that will provide education and opportunities to practice some of the best anxiety management tools available.

Participants will learn and utilize reliable strategies to manage panic and anxiety, reduce stress, and maintain a positive outlook even in difficult times.

Samaritan counselor Dee Savides, LCSW will use a combination of experiential, visual, and cognitive techniques for distress tolerance that help clients change their relationship to difficult feelings and thoughts and give them freedom to connect to positive directions for themselves.

Dee Savides
Dee Savides MSW, LCSW

Topics will include:


Schedule an intake with a Samaritan counselor prior to the start of the group by calling: 920-886-9319

Current Samaritan clients may be referred.

Insurances may be accepted/sliding fee payments may apply for those eligible.

Meeting Times:

Every other Thursday from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. on: